This Devil Was No Caregiver & Squatting At Inherited House

Her name is Jean Williams and works at a dry cleaners in Grosse Pointe Park,MI near Grosse Pointe Post Office. 
The lady took advantage of my physical and mental disabilities to manipulate me into getting a PPO in January 2023,on July 2nd 2023 on 3959 Courville Street Detroit MI 48224. The Detroit Police showed up at house for welfare check allegation,called in by Vincent Dunlap St who I had PPO against. 
The police never ran callers name through LEIN network (Law Enforcement Information Network). 
So I was held on allegations of assault that was dropped at bench trial that I requested on August 11th 2023. But damage was done as "dirty cops in Detroit" looked the other way,with no evidence ever found and held me without evidence to allegations. Which was kidnapping while over July 4th 2023 weekend, locks were changed on house and I became victim for 2nd time of larceny/theft. 

And as of end of 2023, her brother,son Vincent Dunlap Jr,Vincent Dunlap Sr,and others are hellbent on squatting in house to try and sell property. Because police didn't followup and prevent mortgage fraud or other crimes.