On God's Journey and My Evolution

Grand Rapids MI to Texas

And I have found lots of support from telling my American Horror Story of going to hell and back.
People assume the justice system may be corrupt and police will uphold the law,but when they look other way in Detroit and other places of sin or corruption. Justice isn't served. 

Victims of crime in larceny theft, domestic violence, hate crimes,etc feel ignored by police and justice system. Especially when a Ex Parte PPO is meant to protect victim or vulnerable,not enhance or cause crime to repeat twice. Leaving the trauma dealt to victim,living through the nightmare a 2nd time as I did on August 27th 2022 and again on July 2nd 2023. 

Sad world we live in where people are self absorbed and stuck on themselves,so it's antisocial when you live through experiences where people just suck. And you have to tell them to Suck It ! sometimes when those supposed to uphold the law,become the bigger criminal.

People ask me why I'm so positive,it's because in Motor City I was painted to be a monster held in Old Division 1 Jail. But after my request for bench trial on August 11th 2023. The Truth set me free and Jean the Banshee was screaming in court room. 

But sadly once detained by police even in negligence by them to run everything in LEIN network, they didn't apologize for this human error. And I'm still seen as that painted monster. So I'm positive because on God's Journey, I slayed the devil in the end. And the real monsters sometimes carry the badge meant to uphold the law,and were tricked by the devil on Stansbury Street.

And the real monsters in this world always resurface,but this one hides in a house with a dog. Regularly visited by the Detroit Police, and cops who make a deal with the devil. Have lost their soul. 

This i witnessed firsthand for one year August 26th 2022-August 11th 2023. The Judge who granted PPO knew this thats why I got it in 72 hours. 

In the end,sometimes being painted as a monster can work in your favor when it builds your confidence to overcome the real evils in this world. 
And my time served in jail,was evolution of myself my mind,body,and soul.